Core Value

Business Scope

- Building Construction (Turnkey Contracts) and Maintenance Works
- Contracting of Electro-Mechanical (MEPD), Hard & Soft Landscaping, Water Insulation & Thermal Insulation
- Trading of Building Materials and Insulations
- Supply and Installation of Tents & Car Park Shades
- Waterproofing Works
- Carpentry & Joinery Works
- Leasing of Heavy Equipment, Machineries and Skilled Machine Operators
- Excavation Works, Supply of Aggregates & Washed Sand, Land Clearing & Grading, Site Preparation & Earth Moving
- Real Estate Brokerage


The company's focus on being a "Qatari A Grade" construction company suggests a commitment to delivering high-quality projects.


The text mentions that the company's hard work has gained the trust of valuable clients, which indicates a strong emphasis on building and maintaining trust.


The company's focus on engineering, procurement, and construction contracts, along with its association with VIPs, Governmental Organizations, and the mention of pre-qualification documents, underscores a commitment to professionalism and adherence to industry standards.


The reference to "inimitable ideas" and the desire to extend business relations for executing and enhancing more projects highlight a commitment to innovation and creativity.


The company's involvement in unique projects and collaboration with famous designers and architects imply a dedication to achieving excellence in construction and design.


The intention to collaborate with the recipient's esteemed organization indicates a value for strong partnerships and collaborations.

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